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Billing questions
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Frequently asked questions

Who is calling me regarding my bill?

Dr. Goodrich will be contacting you regarding your balance.  Please respond otherwise your account will be sent to a collections agency.

How is the amount owed determined?
Your insurance company provides an explanation of benefits form that determines the amount that you owe.  This information is used to generate your billing statement. 


Are the bills too old?  Do I still have to pay the balance?

You still owe the balance that is due.  A debt collector might not be able to sue to collect a debt that is time-barred.  Someone may have misinformed you.  You can obtain useful information from the California Office of the Attorney General's consumer protection website as well as from the Federal Trade Commission's consumer information website.  Please refer to the Links page for more information.  If you do not respond your account will be sent to a collections agency. 


Why are patient accounts being reviewed?
The accounts are being reviewed for two reasons.  Due to difficulties with hacking and theft of financial records, all patient accounts were reviewed in detail.  Subsequently, it was determined that there are still patients who need to receive a refund of copays.  Furthermore, some patients need to pay additional co-pays, deductible, or co-insurance payments.  All patients have signed an agreement that states that they are responsible for the portion of payment for services that their insurance does not cover.  There is no time limit in regards to obtaining payment for services that have been provided.


If you feel that you have paid your balance previously, please provide proof of payment.


 Please call 805-548-8545 with questions.